Air Brake Compressors & Repair Kits Other Parts

Based on long years of experience in the independent aftermarket MPT was founded in Konya-Turkey, as an alternative brand to serve spare part dealers all over the world with sensitively engineered high quality spare parts.

Starting with focus on compressed air system components MPT developed it product range day by day. Today MPT supplies a strong and up to date product range for trucks and busses including,

Air brake compressors
  • Air brake compressors
  • Air brake compressor repair kits
  • Gear lever actuators
  • Master and slave cylinders for clutches and brakes
  • Clutch servos
  • Solenoid valves
  • Stamped sheet metal automotive products
  • Various aluminium engine components (high pressure aluminium injection casted) like oil cooler housing, water pump housings, thermostat housings

The secret to the success gained with export to more 50 countries in such a short time as 5 years lies in our approach to business. We never make concessions to precise and sensitive engineering combined with efficient product management and effective supply chain management. Every member in our team aware that this approach is essential to be a reliable partner for our customers.

We do everything possible to make sure to provide leverage to our customers in order to provide strength in their competition in the market by,

  • Listening carefully and understanding their exact needs and demands
  • Delivering dedicated customer service and satisfying after sales service as expected by our customers
  • Expanding our product range and keeping it up to date by continuously adding new items
  • Providing on time delivery
  • Competitive pricing

For the future we plan to increase our product groups and our intention is to be the powerful, reliable partner for spare part dealer for long years. We are aware that putting this vision brings big responsibility on our shoulders. But we are also sure that our highly qualified team as capable of achieving this vision and beyond.